About Reprise

Re· prise | rəˈprēz/

a repeated passage in music, a repetition or further performance of something

Reprise is a music, style, and culture magazine based in Gainesville, Florida. It was started by a handful of University of Florida students eager to poke at Gainesville's rich cultural past and present, and too particular to let someone else tell them where to do it.

Like a musician with a reprise, we return to our stories multiple times before publication to report them with the depth they deserve. 

Editor-in-Chief & Graphic Designer:

Anika Huda

Co-Editor & Graphic Designer:

Peyton Whittington

Staff Writer & Zinemaster:

MacKenzie Patel

Staff Writer, Photographer, & Social Media:

Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

Staff Writer & Illustrator:

Alyna Taub

Staff Writers:

Taylor Col

Lexi Lutz

Cameron Rivera

Natu Tweh